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Why Us?

Benchmark Search Group was born from an independent staffing agency based in Fort Collins, Colorado. After 25 years of success, the lightbulb went off. As the Front Range of Colorado continued to expand, so did the need for infrastructure – the problem was, it was hard to find the talent needed to get the job done.

To fill this gap, our ownership team began to leverage their 30 years of General Contracting experience to create a search division dedicated exclusively to construction professionals.

As our network continued to expand, so did our regional footprint… and.. here we are!


Creating opportunities for others , through the development of ourselves

We believe that it takes talent to find talent.

We are a subcontractor, for talent.
How do you pick your subs?  It certainly isn’t  because  they are the cheapest (we’ve all learned that lesson). You pick your subcontractors based on the experience they can provide you throughout the building process.

  • Do they meet deadlines?
  • Are they transparent?
  • Do they own their mistakes instead of hiding them?

As long as the product is of quality, it is the type of person that determines who you work with.


Master the Moment (master life)

Master the Moment (master life)

Life is just a string of moments. Be present and engaged for each one.



Tell the truth, even if its uncomfortable.



Complexity is the enemy of execution.

See the Silver Lining

See the Silver Lining

Nothing is easy. Stay positive.

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